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June 12, 2013

confidenceHere are some random thoughts from my coach who has been a tremendous challenger and encourager to me over the past 7 years.  Funny, some people think he is crazy and maybe off his rocker, but I love him because he always challenges my paradigms and beliefs.  He keeps me out of ruts – a grave with both ends kicked out!  Enjoy some thoughts from Kevin Crone, my coach:

When has confidence ever been granted at birth?  Confidence comes from our ability to do things under fear and uncertainty. Confidence comes from doing the things you fear until you expand your comfort zone.

Once we are inspired to rethink; to decide, to act, and look out.   It’s just getting there that is the issue. Then we are more ready to look for new markets, to go sell to create opportunities. Just read profits magazines report on the fastest growing companies, Wow. No surprise. They do the right things.  They sell to emerging markets. They engage and incentivize their staff. They create a buzz in the markets. They train their people. Resulting in some folks to be inspired, to rethink, act, and succeed.   Hmmm, remember they are under the same worldwide economic trauma everyone else is.

That can’t be it, must be luck and circumstances. Where did they get their inspiration? Maybe out of a cereal box…NO!

Inspiration can be created in every moment or conversation; it’s the fuel that sparks our ability to rethink.  What are we thinking about? Inspired about who we are becoming as a leader or team?

We have always had fears. Too many to remember. They consume and shape our lives.  At times, nothing much seems possible. So how did you and I overcome such fears and move on?  For me, I can see that I was inspired by an idea – a bunch of concepts that life and business can be created, that action comes from a possibility, that committed visions cause new thinking, that when you act, you do the thing you fear by Monday. That’s what I am learning and reading and talking about and advancing my commitments. It’s what I am becoming that matters.  Really, everyone has potential and is basically a good person who wants a chance to be someone special. You treat people and customers right and they treat you right. As a leader you put others in the center of your world to better serve them.  Well, those ideas override my fears. I believed in those things so I act.

So stand for practice, for coaching, for expanding people’s comfort zones, for sweeping people into fearful action, for coaching, for impact and outcomes for principles of creating a good life and business. This is what we are good at and when you combine them it makes us different.

As a leader, let us be committed to helping our people ignite their minds and feelings to create actions through inspiration to achieve their desired outcomes. Get them going and plodding with focus in this new economy. Do this and you will be stronger, more focused, and a great leader. You can make a big difference. Remember we just don’t talk about what needs to be done.  We do it.

If you are like me, then you will need to read Kevin’s comment several times to grasp the entire essence of what he is saying.  In a nutshell, define and clarify who you are becoming! Then move forward with confidence and make it happen!

Human Relation Principle of the Week:


–        Dale Carnegie

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