Time Out!

August 28, 2013

leading-employee-engagementTime flies when you are having fun!  Can you believe it is the end of August?   This past summer has been a season of learning for me.  It has been amazing what I have learned about people, organizations and what makes them function or not…smile!  In the Dale Carnegie world we use an ancient saying: “… when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”   I guess I was the student who was ready, and how exciting it is to be in the learning mode!  As you age, you realize the learning seasons come and go. Just remember that when you are in the learning season, soak it in; do not quickly move on.

This week I want you to enjoy a recent radio interview I was on. If you like, please feel free to forward to a friend or a few. The main topic is leading employee engagement – the foundation of my learning this summer.   Enjoy!


Human Relations Principle of the Week:

Smile!  Have more fun.

–        Dale Carnegie

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