The Servant Leader

January 15, 2018


I was working this week with a global vice president whose organization is facing 7% turnover. He met with his staff and asked the magic question: “In what ways can we…?”

It took them 25 minutes to stop blaming and start thinking of possible solutions. Only then did ideas begin to flow: Change how we are promoting — millennials are not interested in a 10-year plan. Perhaps just better planning period. Then he said it hit them like a ton of bricks. “Maybe it is us and how we are leading.”

This is what I have been hearing for the last 18 months. Specifically, how do we change our leadership style of command and control to a more collaborative approach and still get results? Gen Z and the millennials are demanding it. Well, to be frank, they are just leaving organizations that do not understand them.

The answer is in building professional excellence, leadership excellence, and presentation excellence surrounded in making a mindset shift to being helpful and useful to better serve others. We call this servant leadership.

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John Rodgers

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