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January 29, 2018


I’m working this week with an executive who must embrace change. In fact, his life just might depend on it. Having a heart attack three weeks ago probably is as good a reason as any to think about making changes in one’s life and work. For most of us, however, it’s simply not that easy because we find ourselves in a routine that is comfortable and are convinced that routine is likely the reason we have been successful. The gentleman I am coaching has been a road warrior for 20+ years, responsible for 90 million in sales, and now needs to build a team, all of which was known before his health setback.



Here is what he is facing, and all of us wrestle with this when faced with uncharted waters. The four challenges to embracing change:

  • Fear – of no longer being valued or becoming a failure
  • Comfort zone – of letting go of what I either really like or I am really good at
  • Flexibility – to do something differently and get better results
  • Attitude control – to become better — not perfect — in being a servant to another’s success

It is a journey not an event, and we all know it starts with taking the first step in a new direction. This is true with individuals and teams throughout the world. If we can be of help, please call, text, or send me a message, or reach out to me on LinkedIn or Facebook, or send up a smoke signal.


John Rodgers

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